Ducted Gas Heating System

Ducted gas heating can help you to create the ultimate family environment. A ducted gas heating system heats your entire home, taking the temperature from cold to warm takes no time at all to achieve. Your family can get on with their lives in total comfort, even on the coldest days.

There are no smelly chimneys, no dirty ash and fumes floating around which can aggravate allergies and asthma. Children who are ill, sleep easy at night because bedrooms are cosy and warm.

Ducted gas heating is also easy on the air flow. Less airflow means less draught and lower drying effect, saving indoor plants and your skin.

When purchasing a heating system there are many issues to consider including; running costs, heater efficiency, flexibility of operation and personal comfort.

Braemar ducted gas heaters rate highly in all areas. Renowned for their innovative design and leading-edge technology, Braemar heaters are manufactured in Australia to suit Australian conditions.

Our range of ducted gas heating, space heaters and wall furnaces provide the latest heating options to suit all homes.

Natural gas is a very energy efficient form of heating, even in large spaces, so not only will it heat quickly and effectively, it can also save you money compared to electric heating. Natural gas heating also results in much lower greenhouse gas emissions than heating that uses electricity from coal fired power stations, making it a more environmentally kind option for heating your home.

Braemar Ecostar is Australia’s most efficient range of ducted gas heaters and has been heating homes for more than 40 years. Our award-winning Braemar gas heaters range from ducted heating for the whole home to space heaters and wall furnaces. Braemar heaters are reliable, affordable and easy to install. Our ducted gas heaters feature the Spectrolink Multizone system, which allows you to maintain different temperatures in up to four separate areas in your home - effectively giving you four heaters in one!

We also offer a range of portable convection and mica-thermic panel heaters, sold under the Convair brand, which offer an affordable solution for heating single spaces.